Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Justice League Cake

I had a lot of fun making this for my 6 year olds birthday party. The world was the most fun part. My husband did an awesome job on the super hero symbols.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Apples for the Teacher

My mother in law is a teacher so of course we couldn't pass up this cute idea I found in one of my books. I was out of town when I made these and her birthday is the day after Christmas, so we had a tough time finding a store open with the right supplies. Needless to say you can tell we ran out of green sprinkles, but they still turned out cute.

Horse cake for a little cowboy

This cake turned out amazing and I got paid for this one so, maybe I put a little bit more effort in to it too. I made this cake for a little guy turning three. I was really intimidated when they wanted a horse cake, but I am glad I made it cause it turned out better than expected. Big thanks to my husband for the details.

Wedding Cake

My next project was for one of my favorite cousins James and his beautiful wife Peggy's wedding reception. It was supposed to be a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and covered with chocolate covered strawberries. Unfortunately strawberries are out of season in December, so they were a little too puny. Plus the cake had to travel two hours to the wedding and hang out in the car and then two hours to the reception, so it started to slowly melt. These are the before pictures. Not the prettiest cake, but the recipe was divine. I will make it again. Next time I will remember to add the dowel rods to hold the layers up a little better.

Halloween goodies

I know these are super old, but I finally have time to update. I made the cupcakes for a ward party and the eyeballs as gifts for the ladies I visit and teach.